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Cool Gift Ideas

From the Save The Date to the 50th Anniversary - we've got you covered:

Stand out from the crowd with unique artwork and gift ideas from Leading Edge Gifts.

Feel free to CALL US (480-621-6657) - we will bend over backwards to meet your deadline and help you make your day memorable.

Wedding Items We Offer:

Save The Date Artwork

Caricature Save the Date Artwork

Choose from 4 simplified styles. Just select the design and upload your photos. Order the printed cards from us too.

Fully custom Save the Date Caricature. You describe the background and scene, upload your photos, and our talented artists take care of the rest! Order the printed cards from us too.

Wedding Invitation Artwork

Invitation Artwork - Turn Your Engagement Photo (Or Any Photo) Into Artwork for your Wedding Invitation

Choose from a variety of artwork styles - Pencil Sketch, Oil Painting, Watercolor, Roy Lichtenstein - Upload your photo and our artists create a masterpiece that you will want to save forever. Order prints, frames and more.

Wedding Attendant Caricatures

Groomsmen / Bridesmaids Caricatures

Stand out from the crowd! This isn't your typical Groomsmen or Bridesmaid Gift. This is a fully custom caricature drawn by a true caricature artist. Capture each attendant, their quirks, and/or hobbies - anything you describe. You describe it, upload photos, and our talented caricature artists do the rest! Truly a unique and memorable gift.

Wedding Attendant Gifts

A Real Share of Stock

The recipient becomes a true shareholder in their favorite company entitled to declared dividends, annual reports, and invitations to shareholder meetings. The authentic stock certificate is legally registered in their name and you can opt for the personalized engraved plaque to commemorate your wedding date. Over 100 companies to match any wedding attendants interest.

Anniversary Gifts

Artwork from the Wedding Photos

OK, It's a year later. Or maybe 10 years later...

Time to get that special someone or special couple an anniversary gift. Creating a masterpiece from a wedding photo makes a great anniversary gift. The style shown here is our GiveAmasterpiece Oil style.

Looking for something a little more fun? Our caricatures make great gifts for the anniversary couple too!

Remember, the first anniversary is the "paper" anniversary. Whether its an artwork print, caricature print, or a share of stock - these are all "paper" gifts!