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Coach Gifts

He or she led you on victory (or tried to)! Now give them something to show how much you appreciated their efforts...

Coach Gifts #1: True One Share Ownership in Over 100 World Famous Companies


Give your coach something they will really appreciate - a share of stock in one of their favorite companies. The recipient becomes a true shareholder and is entitled to declared dividends, annual reports, and invitations to shareholder meetings. The authentic stock certificate is legally registered in their name and you can opt for the personalized engraved plaque to commemorate any occasion. Over 100 companies to match any interest.

Other coach favorites include:

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From $50
at GiveAshare.com

Coach Gifts #2: A Fully Custom Caricature of the Coach or Team from a Photo in ANY Scene You Want

Simply upload photos of your coach - you can even have the team picture as part of the caricature - and describe ANY scene. Our artist uses vibrant colors to create a caricature that captures likeness, interests, and quirks in a comical way.

This Coach gift will last forever

More Coach gift examples...

From $99
at GiveAcaricature.com

Coach Gifts #3: A Personal Icon/Avatar for Email, Web, Phone

This digital age gift will allow your Coach to let everyone on the web know what he or she likes. Drawn from a photo and incorporating her or her favorite sport or hobby, this icon will look just like him or her - maybe even better! An icon has hundreds of uses - for email signatures, websites/blogs, business cards, invitations and much more.

From $49 (1 subject)
at GiveAcaricature.com/Avatars

Coach Gifts #4: Personal Fine Art From A Photo

Upload a favorite photo and pick an art style (oil, watercolor, sketch...). and our talented artists can create a work of art as a coach gift, or a team gift.

The picture to the left is our Color Isolation style - this was a Milk Run commemorated by the red cups the track team used.

From $50
at GiveAmasterpiece.com

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