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Baptism Gift Ideas

Looking for a unique baby baptism or christening gift – tired of the same old ideas? Here are some fresh ideas that will make an impression!

Baptism Gift #1:

True One Share Ownership in Over 100 World Famous Companies

Framed share of Disney stock
Imagine a new little baby as a shareholder! The parents and then ultimately the child will love this gift which can be colorful, fun, educational, and who knows, maybe even profitable too. Think about what can happen in 18 years. The baby shareholder is entitled to all shareholder perks and gets the authentic registered stock certificate.

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Baptism Gift #2:

A Caricature of Your Boss from a Photo in ANY Scene You Want

Caricature of couple in cornfield holding baby.
These are fully custom caricatures showing anything you want. In the example shown, the customer wanted to be shown holding a lottery ticket with the baby on it. Our artist uses vibrant colors to create a caricature that captures the essence of the baby and parents including any quirks in a comical and truly artistic way.

This makes a fun baptism gift that will last forever.

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Baptism Gift #3:

Personal Fine Art From A Photo

Pencil sketch of dad with son and new baby
Capture a special moment that the new parent’s will treasure forever…a favorite photo in one of our art styles. Simply upload a photo and pick an art style (oil, watercolor, sketch…). Our talented artists create fine art, perfect for a kids room.
Gift certificates are available and make a great gift for the new family.

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