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Cool Gift Ideas


Let's face it, it's hard for a realtor to stand out from the crowd!

Our innovative products help realtors build their brand by grabbing the attention of prospective clients and to thank the ones you already have. We want to establish relationships with real estate offices for mutual benefit so please take a look at our offerings and if you have other clever ideas that you think would be helpful, let us know:

  • 1

    House Sketches, Oils, & Watercolors From A Photo

    Our artists create masterpieces from your photo that can be used for advertising, gifts for clients, or even for your office decor.

    • Easy to order - just upload a photo & pick a style
    • Fast turnaround
    • Include your branding

    Get more information or buy at

  • 2

    Caricature Branding From A Photo

    Unleash the branding power of your advertising by incorporating your caricature to grab attention, evoke a smile and convey a memorable message, or to just break the ice. You won't believe the number of comments you'll get and you can bet that they will remember you too!

    • Just upload photos and describe what you want
    • Perfect for business cards, stationary, websites, and blogs
    • Also car signs, billboards, and magazine advertising

    Get more information or buy at

    Did you know?
    Caricatures are 8x more likely to be noticed & 17x more likely to be remembered than a photo.

  • 3

    True One Share Ownership

    Another great closing gift for clients - a real share of stock in their favorite company.

    • Buy in 2 minutes with a credit card
    • Select from over 100 companies (Home Depot is a favorite)
    • Recipient becomes a true shareholder entitled to declared dividends, annual reports....

    Get more information or buy at

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