We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and commitment to quality.

Leading Edge Gifts LLC

is a privately owned company located in Gilbert, Arizona. Our company was founded in 2002 with a mission to create gift ideas that people haven’t heard of before. We do this by taking thing not normally thought of as gifts and we GIFTizeTM them.

Our gift ideas are unique, unexpected, fun to give, and even more fun to receive:

And in a partnership with Eric Jones Studios:

Our innovative gift ideas and superior customer service made us one of Portland Oregon’s Top 50 Women Owned Businesses and now we do the same thing in Arizona for GiveAshare and GiveAmasterpiece, and Eric’s team in New York handles GiveAcaricature. We rely on customer referrals and want to thank all of our customers for spreading the word.


After 17 years of a wonderful partnership with our artist Eric Jones, Leading Edge Gifts is transitioning the artwork and customer service to Eric Jones Studios in New York.  Leading Edge Gifts will continue fulfillment responsibilities – framing, printing, packaging and shipping.


Celebrated our 10 Year Anniversary of GiveAcaricature.com with a celebration with our artists in New York.  Over 30,000 faces drawn.


We are a small business, and when our kids were headed off to college in Arizona, we decided to follow them.  Leading Edge Gifts moves from Portland to Arizona.


Our interest in art from a photo was the genesis of our next idea.  We loved the idea of taking people’s pictures of their homes, pets, family, or favorite car and turning them into fine art- and GiveAmasterpiece was born!


Leading Edge Gifts named one of the fastest growing Women-Owned businesses and one of the top 50 Women Owned Business by the Portland Business Journal (Book of lists).


Leading Edge Gifts named one of the top 50 Women Owned Business by the Portland Business Journal (Book of lists).


After searching around for a creative 50th anniversary gift for our parents, we decided to start our own caricature business.  We teamed with Eric Jones, a true caricature artist with a unique style and uncanny ability to capture the essence and likeness of the subject in an artistic and humorous way – and GiveAcaricature was born!  Now that we have expanded our business beyond stock certificates, we change our company name to Leading Edge Gifts.


We took our crazy idea from 1990 and turned it into an internet business.  Now that we can reach people outside of our neighborhood, the idea of teaching kids about stock becomes a reality!   GiveAshare.com is born!


The World Wide Web is announced, and computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee releases the source code into the public domain.


We had the idea for a business called “Take Stock”.  Our inspiration was the desire teach kids about the stock market, and based on our experience as a teen, what better way than to buy them a share of stock! We did our due diligence with the SEC to ensure we met the requirements to sell stock as a gift.  However, without the internet, trying to sell something like this just wasn’t feasible. After a few failed attempts, we went back to our real jobs.


A teenager is given a share of Topps Chewing Gum, Inc (a perfect attention-getter for a baseball card fanatic), this ultimately leads to a Finance degree, 25 + years in high-tech corporate finance, and most importantly it was the genesis of GiveAshare.com.